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Conference Catalog

Each year ARNOVA gathers more than 800 of the best scholars, researchers and teachers interested in nonprofits, voluntary action, philanthropy and civil society at its Conference. The panoply of presentations, from these scholars and students examining the realm of voluntary / nonprofit / nongovernmental /civil society organizations and action, offers a wide-ranging vista – with some significant detail – of the most pressing subjects, topical emphases and methodologies of the latest research in this field. This catalogue is presented for those interested in questions about and developments in philanthropy, fundraising, nonprofit management, voluntary action, social enterprise and civil society, from the local to the international scale.


The Catalog of Research includes authors and abstract summaries from ARNOVA’s Annual Conference.

The work referenced here belongs to and is best understood by the authors, so we leave it to you to contact the authors to request copies of their papers and seek conversations, as you wish. Authors’ email addresses are found in parentheses next to each author’s name and affiliation. Please note: ABSTRACTS were pulled directly from submitted papers.


What we know is that dialogue among scholars and practice-leaders around these presentations of research is critical to building knowledge and improving practice. So we hope publishing this will encourage those conversations and further collaboration; and we hope you find this a useful tool for your own work.

The catalog of research can be searched by key words, including author’s names or paper titles, as well as by field or subject of interest. Click on each edition of the catalog and search by words by pressing ‘Ctrl + f’, and a box in which you can enter search terms should appear in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Conference Recordings

Accessible to members only (log in required). Check out past conferences' main events and sessions.

Conference Thumbnail 2020-Virtual
49th Annual Conference
conference 2018
47th Annual Conference
conference 2016
45th Annual Conference

Washington, D.C | Nov 17-19, 2016


Conference Thumbnail 2014
43rd Annual Conference

Denver, CO | Nov 20-22, 2014


Conference Thumbnail 2012
41st Annual Conference

Indianapolis, IN | Nov 15-17, 2012


Conference Thumbnail 2021
50th Annual Conference
conference 2019
48th Annual Conference
conference 2017
46th Annual Conference

Grand Rapids, MI | Nov 16-18, 2017


conference 2015
44th Annual Conference

Chicago, IL | Nov 19-21, 2015


Conference Thumbnail 2013
42nd Annual Conference

Hartford, CT | Nov 21-23, 2013


Conference Recordings

Accessible to members only (log in required). Check out past conferences' main events and sessions.

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