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Publications Policy

As a leading association in the field of nonprofit studies and practice, ARNOVA faces challenges and opportunities in an expanding and rapidly changing field. In this dynamic environment, characterized by new practices in publishing and broader access to scholarship and research, ARNOVA recognizes the need to establish clear policies and procedures to guide the Association’s current and future publication-related practices and portfolio of published products. This document presents an overview of principles, policies and practices that will serve as guidelines for the Publications Committee and the ARNOVA board in carrying out their mandate of oversight for ARNOVA publications and publication agreements. This document includes a statement of overarching principles for publication-related agreements for ARNOVA; terms, policies and processes that can be utilized by ARNOVA in its relationships with internal and external groups in regard to publications that are on-going, intermittent, or one-time-only; proposal evaluation criteria and processes; and proposal instructions.

All proposals for journal affiliations, endorsements, sponsorships or other publications-related collaborations should follow the guidelines laid out in the publications policy below (Appendix H of the ARNOVA Board Policy Manual). Such proposals will be reviewed by the ARNOVA Publications Committee and Board of Directors in the spring and fall. Deadlines for these two review periods are April 1 and October 1, respectively.

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