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Strategic Planning

ARNOVA Strategic Plan 2017-2021

Approved at the ARNOVA Board Retreat, May 2017, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) is a diverse community of scholars, educators, and practice leaders that strengthens the field of nonprofit and philanthropic research in order to improve civil society and human life.


members chatting


Welcoming, supportive, developmental, collegial, interdisciplinary, diverse and inclusive, responsive



Connecting research to practice, legitimizer for field, translational, influential, growing the field, innovative, relevant


High Integrity

High quality research and services, ideologically neutral, promoting creativity, learning organization, sustainable, role model, accountable

Strategic Priorities

Expand organizational capacity to fulfill mission and address strategic priorities Enhance value of member experience while growing membership Build external relationships to enhance contributions to knowledge, policy and practice
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