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2017 Committees
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Standing Committees

Executive Committee

  • Mary Tschirhart, President
  • Angela Eikenberry, President-Elect
  • Rene Bekkers, Secretary
  • Thad Calabrese, Treasurer
  • John Ronquillo, At Large

47th Annual Conference Planning Committee

  • Brenda Bushouse, Co-chair
  • Mary Kay Gugerty, Co-chair

Development Committee

  • Mark Sidel, Co-chair
  • Shena Ashley, Co-chair

Diversity Committee

  • Khaldoun Abou-Assi, Chair

    Finance and Audit Committee

    • Dwight Burlingame, Chair
    • Thad Calabrese, Treasurer
    • Mark Sidel, Member
    • Mary Tschirhart, Ex-Officio

Membership Committee

  • Beth Gazley, Chair
  • Mary Tschirhart, ex-officio member

Nominations Committee

  • David Suarez, Chair
  • Angela Eikenberry, Member
  • Mary Tschirhart, Member Ex-Officio
  • Shariq Siddiqui, Member Ex-Officio
  • Shena Ashley, Member

    Publications Committee

    • Jennifer Mosely, Co-Chair
    • Curtis Child, Co-Chair

    Research Committee

    • Hector Cordero-Guzman, Co-chair
    • Lindsay McDougle, Co-chair

    Ad Hoc Appointments

    • Policy Manual Revision Initiative:
      Rene Bekkers, Coordinator
    • Emerging Scholars Professional Development:
      Khaldoun Abou Assi, Co-chair
      David Berlan, Co-chair
    • Public Policy and Nonprofits:
      Mark Sidel, Chair

2017 Awards Committees*

ARNOVA Conference Best Paper Committee

  • Beth Gazley, Chair
    Indiana University Bloomington
  • Jessica Sowa
    University of Baltimore
  • Nathaniel Wright
    Texas Tech University
  • Jennifer A. Jones
    University of Florida
  • Laura Deitrick
    University of San Diego

Book Awards Committee

  • Putnam Barber, Chair
    University of Washington, Ret.
  • Jessica Sowa
    University of Baltimore
  • Sabith Khan
    California Lutheran University
  • Nathaniel Wright
    Texas Tech University
  • Avner Ben-Ner
    University of Minnesota
  • Wesley E. Lindahl
    North Park University
  • Lucas Meijs
    Erasmus University Rotterdam

Conference Scholarships Committee

  • David Campbell, Chair
  • Susan Cambre
  • Marcelo Marchesini de Costa
  • Nathaniel Wright

Distinguished Achievement Award Committee

  • Mary Tschirhart
    The Ohio State University
  • Alan Abramson
    George Mason University
  • Dwight Burlingame
    IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
  • Hector Cordero-Guzman
    Baruch College – CUNY
  • Rene Bekkers
    VU University Amsterdam

Diversity Scholars Committee

  • Jennifer Wade-Berg
    Kennesaw State University
  • Pier Rogers
    North Park University
  • Judy Weisinger
    Bucknell University

Doctoral Fellows Committee

  • Jeffrey Brudney
    University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • Mark Hager
    Arizona State University
  • Femida Handy
    University of Pennsylvania

Emerging Scholars Awards Committee

  • Hector Cordero-Guzman, Chair
    Baruch College - CUNY
  • Maryam Deloffre
    Arcadia University
  • Dyana Mason
    University of Oregon
  • Marlene Walk
  • Katrina Miller-Stevens
    Colorado College 
  • Margaret Sloan
    James Madison University

Gabriel G. Rudney Memorial Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Nonprofit and Voluntary Action Committee

  • Kevin Kearns, Chair
    University of Pittsburgh
  • Margaret Sloan
    James Madison University
  • Mark Hager
    Ariona State University
  • Silke Boenigk
    University of Hamburg

NVSQ Best Article Committee

  • Margaret Harris (Chair)
    Aston University
  • Eleanor Brilliant
    Rutgers University
  • Susan Chambre
    Baruch College - CUNY
  • Adam Eckerd
    Virginia Tech
  • Reza Hasmath
    University of Alberta
  • Howard Lune
    Hunter College
  • John McNutt
    University of Delaware
  • Dina Refki
    University at Albany, Center for Women in Government & Civil Society
  • Margaret Sloan
    James Madison University
  • Nuno Themudo
    University of Pittsburgh
  • Natalie Web
    Defense Resources Management Institute

NVSQ Best Reviewer

  • Angela Bies
    University of Maryland, College Park
  • Chao Guo
    University of Pennsylvania
  • Susan Phillips
    Carleton University

Peter Dobkin Hall History Award Committee

  • David Hammack
    Case Western Reserve University
  • Dwight Burlingame
    IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
  • Amanda Moniz
    Smithsonian Institution

RGK-ARNOVA President's Award Committee

  • Roseanne Mirabella, Chair
    Seton Hall University
  • David Hammack
    Case Western Reserve University
  • Steve R. Smith
    American Political Science Association

UMD-ARNOVA Philanthropy Award Committee

  • Wolfgang Bielefeld, Chair
  • Alan Abramson
    George Mason University
  • Elizabeth Boris
    Urban Institute
  • Joe Galaskiewicz
    University of Arizona
  • Femida Handy
    University of Pennsylvania
  • Amir Pasic
    Indiana University
  • Francie Ostrower
    University of Texas at Austin

Undergraduate Diversity Scholars & Leaders PDW Committee

  • Khaldoun AbouAssi
    American University
  • Christina Balboa
    Baruch College-City University of New York


 *2018 Awards Committee member names will be made available after award recipients have been notified in September, 2018



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