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Outstanding Article in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly (NVSQ)
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All articles published in the previous year’s volume of NVSQ are considered for this award.

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Previous recipients:

2018 Humphrey Bourne, University of Bristol, UK, and Zoe Lee: University of Bath, UK, "Managing Dual Identities in Nonprofit Rebranding: An Exploratory Study"
Mirae Kim, Georgia State University, "The Relationship of Nonprofits' Financial Health to Program Outcomes: Empirical Evidence from Nonprofit Arts Organizations" 

Floris Vermeulen, Debra Minkoff And Tom van der Meer, “The Local Embedding of Community Based Organizations” NVSQ Vol. 45, No. 1.

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2016 Lehn Benjamin, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, and David Campbell, University of California Davis, "Nonprofit Performance: Accounting for the Agency of Clients -- NVSQ, 44(5)"
2015 Kelly LeRoux, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Kelly Krawczyk, Auburn University, "Can Nonprofit Organizations Increase Voter Turnout? Finds From an Agency-Based Voter Mobilization Experiment"
2014 Gerhard Speckbacher, "The Use of Incentives in Nonprofit Organizations"


Anaïs Périlleux, Marek Hudon, and Eddy Bloy, Surplus Distribution in Microfinance: Differences Among Cooperative, Nonprofit, and Shareholder Forms of Ownership (Vol. 41, Issue 3)


Sarah Busse Spencer, Culture as Structure in Emerging Civic Organizations in Russia


Angela Bies, “Evolution of Nonprofit Self-Regulation in Europe.”


Nuno Da Silva Themudo, "Gender and the Nonprofit Sector."


Lehn Benjamin, "Account Space: How Accountability Requirements Shape Nonprofit Practice"


W. Richard Scott, Sarah Deschenes, Kathryn Hopkins, Anne Newman, Milbrey McLaughlin - "Advocacy Organizations and the Field of Youth Services: Ongoing Efforts to Restructure a Field"


Judith Y. Weisinger and Paul F. Salipante– "A Grounded Theory for Building Ethnically Bridging Social Capital in Voluntary Organizations"


Mary Alice Haddad--“Community Determinates of Volunteer Participation and the Promotion of Civic Health: The Case of Japan”
Honorable Mention--Mark Schlesinger, Shannon Mitchell, Bradford H. Gray—“Restoring Public Legitimacy to the Nonprofit Sector: A Survey Experiment Using Descriptions of Nonprofit Ownership”


Marc Hooghe—“Participation in Voluntary Associations and Value Indicators: The Effect of Current and Previous Participation Experiences”


Dag Wollebaek and Per Selle--”Does Participation in Voluntary Associations Contribute to Social Capital? The Impact of Intensity, Scope, and Type” and Alnoor Ebrahim--”Information Struggles: The Role of Information in the Reproduction of NGO-Funder Relationships”


Mark Chaves and William Tsitsos--”Congregations and Social Services: What They Do, How They Do It, and With Whom”


Kirsten Gronbjerg, Laura Martell, and Laurie Paarlberg--”Philanthropic Funding of Human Services: Solving Ambiguity Through the Two-Stage Competitive Process”


Jennifer Alexander, Renee Nank, and Camilla Stivers--”Implications of Welfare Reform: Do Nonprofit Survival Strategies Threaten Civil Society?”


Nancy Wolff and Mark Schlessinger, “Access, Hospital Ownership, and Competition between For-Profit and Nonprofit Institutions”


Honorable Mention: Janet S. Greenlee and Theresa P. Gordon--”The Impact of Professional Solicitors on Fund-Raising in Charitable Organizations”


Susan M. Chambre--”Civil Society, Differential Resources, and Organizational Development: HIV/AIDS Organizations”


John Mohr, Francesca Guerra-Pearson--”The Effect of State Intervention in the NonProfit Sector: The Case of the New Deal”


Femida Handy--”Reputation as Collateral: An Economic Analysis of the Role of Trustees in NonProfits”


Sheila Nelson--”Catholic Elementary Schools in Chicago’s Black Inner City: Four Modes of Adaptations to Environmental Change”


Javier Diaz-Albertini--”Nonprofit Advocacy in Weakly Institutionalized Political Systems: NGDO’s in Lima Peru”

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