Gabriel G. Rudney Memorial Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Nonprofit and Voluntary Action

This award, endowed in memory of pioneer researcher Gabriel Rudney, is given annually for a Ph.D. dissertation completed and/or defended in the three calendar years preceding the award. Dissertations that contribute to the advancement of theory, conceptualization, research, or practice in an area closely related to nonprofit organizations or voluntary action are eligible. Nominations are especially invited in the issue areas where Gabe Rudney made significant research contributions during his lifetime: patterns of giving in the United States; tax policy and charitable giving; tax policy and the nonprofit sector; the economic contribution of the nonprofit sector; and, comparative international studies. The author's advisor normally submits nominations. Nominations should explain the nature of the work and how well it meets criteria for excellence in its field, and should be accompanied by a copy of an extended abstract. Nominees should be prepared to send a copy of the full dissertation upon request. Cash prize: $1,000.

Nominations should take the form of a letter submitted a packet of materials to be submitted to See the Call for Awards Nominations for more details.

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Previous recipients:

2013 Khaldoun Abou Assi, "Hands in the Pockets of Mercurial Donors: How Three Theories Explain NGO Responses to Shifting Funding Priorities"
2012 Lewis Faulk, of dissertation is "Nonprofit and Foundation Behavior in Competitive Markets for Grants"
2011 No Award Given
2010 Cristina Balboa, "When Non-governmental Organizations Govern: Accountability in Private Conservation Networks"
2009 Julie Darnell, Free Clinics: What are They, and Why Does the Number Vary Geographically
2008 Laurie Mook, Social and Environmental Accounting: The Expanded Value Added Statement
2007 Chris Einolf, The Roots of Altruistic Behavior: A Gender and Life Course Perspective
2006 Jiang Ru, "Environmental NGO's in China: The Interplay of State Controls, Agency Interests and NGO Strategies
2005 Rene Bekkers, Giving and Volunteering in The Netherlands: Sociological and Psychological Perspectives
2004 Angela Bies, "Nongovernmental Accountability in Poland: Mandatory versus Discretionary Self-Regulation
2003 Dara Z. Strolovitch--Closer to a Pluralist Heaven? Women's, Racial Minority, and Economic Justice Advocacy Groups and the Politics of Representation
2002 Patricia Dautel Nobbie--Testing the Implementation, Board Performance and Organizational Effectiveness of the Policy Governance Model in Nonprofit Boards of Directors
2001 Eric Twombly--Organizational Response in an Era of Welfare Reform: Exit and Entry Patterns of Human Service Providers
2000 Mark Alan Hager--Explaining the Demise among Nonprofit Orgnizations--University of Minnesota, 1999
1999 Betty Jane Richmond--A Social Audit Model to Measure the Impact of a Nonprofit Organization
1999 Honorable Mention: Ira Silver--Preventing Fires While Feeling the Heat: Philanthropists and Community Organizations Collaborating to Address Urban Poverty
1998 Loretta Sullivan Lobes
1997 Jessica Elfenbein
1996 Femida Handy
1995 Gaynor Strickler
1994 Sheila Nelson
1994 Kevin Barrett

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